Marketing ecosystem is continuously evolving and turning into a more complex entity. The need for understanding the big picture becomes apparent. Gathering massive amounts of marketing data scattered around the organization is time-consuming And analyzing it systematically often is simply unrealistic.

Pioneer in the market, REVEEL, provides a 360° perspective to marketing ecosystem. The innovative method combines digital solutions and management consulting. It turns the marketing ecosystem into a visualized model and breaks the massive amount of data into useful charts and data-based recommendations. REVEEL provides continuous support for business and marketing leaders helping them to make more informed decisions about marketing. 


Key Benefits of REVEEL

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See the Forrest for the Trees

As marketing ecosystem becomes more complex, loosing sight of the entity happens easily. By modelling the marketing ecosystem, REVEEL allows changing perspective and seeing things more clearly.



Strategy vs. Reality



By continuously tracking the execution of the marketing plan, REVEEL manages to identify illocialities between strategy and reality. By pinpointing the weaknesses at an early stage, corrections to the execution can be made promptly.

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Dream Team

Human resources in marketing consist of personnel and numerous 3rd parties involved in marketing campaigns.  REVEEL takes into account all human resources involved in marketing and breaks it down into precise investment costs. Re-allocating resources becomes more informed and strategy-based.


Navigating in Multi-Channel Jungle

How well do owned, bought, and earned media channels perform? How efficiently is marketing flowing through them? REVEEL enables a precise evaluation of channel performance by modelling the marketing flow, calculating total investments for each channel, and breaking it into reach-out figures.

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Right audiences?

Targeting specific audiences has become easy through social media, but at the same time the number of channels have increased. Whether of not, the marketing reaches the right audiences, a huge amount of data is needed for analyzing it. REVEEL is designed to handle massive amounts of data and turn it into comprehensible visualization and numbers.



Return-On-Marketing-Investment (ROMI) is a significant part of REVEEL methodology. If marketing doesn’t have the intended impact on sales, something has gone wrong. Sales data is continuosly tracked as part of REVEEL process and compared with marketing data. Clients are advised, how to develop their marketing ecosystem in order to produce optimum sales impact.


Partnering with REVEEL

REVEEL provides valuable and objective insights on marketing communications to businesses small or large. REVEEL is an international service adaptable for any markets. The continuous and long-term partnership with REVEEL ensures constant support for business leaders and key personel in marketing and communications.


For Business Leaders

•   360° perspective to all marketing projects, resources, and results.

•   Supports identifying key development areas and improving cost-efficiency.

•   Ensures that sales and marketing goals are alligned

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For Marketing Leads

•   Constant support for decision making, planning, and managing resources.

•   Non-biased information about marketing performance.

•   Track record of sales impact on different marketing activities allows long-term improvement of marketing impact

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For Marketing Teams

•   Easily accessable information about collaboration partners and service providers.

•   Consistent track-record of marketing projects, resources, results, and sales.

•   Simplifies time-consuming reporting.


Interested in taking marketing to the next level and hitting goals more precisely? So are we!

REVEEL is based on an innovative concept utilizing digital solutions and high-level management consulting. The process of data gathering, analysis, and consultation about findings and development ideas is minimum of 6 months. The continuous and long-term partnership with REVEEL ensures constant support for business leaders and key personel in marketing and communications.


REVEEL Process


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