REVEEL is a ground-breaking method for analyzing an entire marketing ecosystem in order to improve returns and drive growth.

By visualizing the entity, breaking massive amounts of data into useful charts, and combining data-driven insights with consultation, REVEEL provides outstanding support for marketing management across industries and markets.




Our mission is to develop a more resource effective marketing ecosystem. 
Performance, impact, and business growth guide the development.



See the forest for the trees

As marketing ecosystems become more complex, loosing sight of the entity happens easily. By modelling the marketing ecosystem, REVEEL allows to change perspectives and see things more clearly.


Support for Decision Making

REVEEL offers continuous support for marketing leaders. The service combines intelligent technology with top-notch consultation. Systematic and consistent data gathering and analysis of the marketing ecosystem produce 360° insights on the key elements of marketing investments, resource allocations, media, target groups, and performance indicators.


Strategy vs. Reality

Are the investments in line with marketing strategy? By continuously tracking the execution of the marketing plan, REVEEL manages to identify discrepancies between strategy and reality. By pinpointing the weaknesses at an early stage, corrections to the execution can be made promptly.

The method

REVEEL is a standardized method for gathering and analyzing information on marketing. REVEEL produces comprehensible, objective, and clear insights on the strenghts and weakenesses of a marketing ecosystem.

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REVEEL Data Acquisition

  • Consistent and systematic gathering of information on marketing strategy, yearly plans, resources, and impact.
  • Marketing management interviews are carried out by REVEEL consultants.     
  • REVEEL Application helps to track cost-efficiently resources, turnouts, and impact. 
  • REVEEL Application offers an easy and simple user interface with continuous customer support.


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REVEEL Analysis

  • A visual model of a marketing ecosystem allows a clear view to a complex entity. 
  • A dashboard of informative charts and graphs enable to evaluate marketing projects, activities, channels, target groups in the light of investments and returns. 





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    REVEEL Consultation

    •  Quarterly meetings with REVEEL consultants ensure constant ecosystem development.
    • Objective recommendations and intrepretation of the results.


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